Who we are

1994: A vision is born

The vision of Prisum Healthcare is to devote itself to Life. We respect Life in all its forms: nature, people and animals. We are dedicated to this dream of doing well to others. That's why we chose to mirror this vision in the mantra that guides us: "Prisum. Dedicated to Life. Naturally."

Prisum Healthcare company was established in 1994 under the name Prisum International Trading having only three employees and one product - Liv.52. Prisum Healthcare SRL has as main object of activity the wholesale trade of medicines, pharmaceuticals and care and maintenance products (cosmetics).

From the beginning Prisum Healthcare held the right to distribute on the Romanian market the products manufactured by the Himalaya Drug Company (India). Founded in 1930, the Himalaya Company is a world pioneer in the field of scientifically validated herbal health care. Using state-of-the-art breakthroughs and combining technology with the traditional Indiana - Ayurvedic medical system, Himalaya products are now being ordered by consumers in over 90 countries around the world.

Years of research and testing have allowed the launch of products that have become a reference in their category: Liv.52, Cystone, Koflet, Rumalaya, Septilin, Mentat, Bonnisan.

1996: Medical promotion department

In 1996 the Department for Medical Promotion is set up. It aims to promote Himalaya products to doctors, pharmacists and other categories of specialists from private and public institutions.

1999: Launch of Liv.52 Syrup

In 1999 Prisum Healthcare launches Liv.52 Syrup in Romania, a natural hepatoprotective for children. Liv.52 Syrup can be administered to infants over 6 months of age.

2001: Himalaya in Romania

Since 2001 Prisum Healthcare brings to the Romanian market Himalaya cosmetics range, the latest innovation in personal care, a range of cosmetic products with 100% natural ingredients.

Himalaya offers natural skin care, hair care and oral care solutions. Himalaya products are made from plant and fruit extracts, with no side effects.

Browse our best sellers Himalaya Herbal Supplements or review the entire Himalaya product catalogue:

Liv.52 is a herbal product for the liver and gallbladder.
The promo package contains two bottles of Liv.52 100 tablets. Liv.52 is a herbal product for the liver and gallbladder.
Cystone is a product destined for the urinary tract.
Cystone Forte is a product destined for the urinary tract.
Koflet is a product for the respiratory system.
Bonnisan is a product recommended for the digestive tract of children.
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Food supplements, cosmetics and veterinary supplements

2005: CSL Behring in Romania

Another division of Prisum Healthcare is dedicated to the products of CSL Behring, a global leader in the plasma biotherapies industry.

CSL Behring is the world leader in biotechnology and the largest human plasma collector in the world.

Browse the product selection and discover the full range of CSL Behring:

Rhophylac (anti-D immunoglobulin) is indicated for suppressing rhesus isoimmunization (Rh).
CSL Behring Albumeon is a substitute for plasma.
Berinert (Human esterase Inhibitor) is an on-demand treatment of acute hereditary angioedema (HAE) attacks.
Haemocomplettan (Human fibrinogen) is a purified fibrinogen concentrate, which is an important protein for blood clotting.
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Worldwide leader in biotechnology

2006: Launch of Septilin Syrup

Prisum Healthcare extends its range of Himalaya products with Septilin Syrup. The product provides support for the children's immune system and acts as an adjuvant in the treatment of acute upper respiratory tract infections.

2007: Liv.52 - leader in Romania

The Himalaya Liv.52 product, active on the market since 1994, becomes a leader in the category of hepatoprotective products in Romania.

2009: Launch of Cystone and Esenta Plant Stores

Prisum Healthcare complements the Himalaya product range with Cystone, a natural remedy with antiseptic and antilithiasis action. It can be administered either in the acute phase, in the case of urinary tract infections, or in the long term, in the case of urinary calculi and to prevent recurrences.

The year 2009 brought the extension of the Prisum Healthcare activity by opening “Esenta Plant”, a chain of stores selling health-related natural products, food supplements, tinctures, teas and other products. Enjoying considerable success over time, the stores where sold in 2018.

2010: Liv.52 DS in Romania

Prisum Healthcare adds the Liv.52 DS (Double Strenght) product to the Himalaya range. This is a product with the same beneficial effects as Liv.52 Tablets, but with a formula created especially for adults, with double power and easier to administer.

2014: 10 years of Prisum Healthcare 

10 years after its establishment, the Prisum company reaches 100 employees.

2016: Cystone - leader in Romania

In 2016, 7 years after entering the market, the Himalaya Cystone product becomes leader in the category "Urinary lithiasis".

2018: Launch of Vitabiotics partnership

Prisum Healthcare adds to its portfolio Vitabiotics, a renowned range of products.

Vitabiotics is a British company, specializing in vitamin and mineral dietary supplements, many of them based on national recommendations for infants, children and pregnant women.

In 2013, Vitabiotics became the largest dietary supplement company in the UK in sales value. Vitabiotics brands include supplements from various health categories, such as Osteocare, Feroglobin, Wellbaby, Pregnacare, Wellkid, Wellman and Wellwoman.

In 2013 Vitabiotics received The Queen's Award for excellence in innovation in the field of vitamin research.

Browse the product selection and discover the entire Vitabiotics range:

Osteocare Original is a product recommended for maintaining a healthy bone system.
Feroglobin Capsules is a dietary supplement recommended for the normal formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin.
Wellbaby Multi-vitamin Liquid is a baby supplement that provides a combination of vitamins and minerals.
Pregnacare Original Tablets is a dietary supplement recommended for women throughout pregnancy.
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Award for excellence in innovation in the field of vitamin research

2019: 25 years of sustainable business

The constant improvement of Prisum Healthcare products and services is making a difference to the lives of millions of families. Prisum Healthcare celebrates the 25th anniversary of activity in the pharmaceutical industry in Romania by becoming one of the leading pharma companies with a wide range of activities: importer, distributor, service provider (warehousing, regulatory, marketing, sales) of food supplements, critical care, biotherapy, immunology products and cosmetics products.

In 2019, the Prisum Healthcare company also launched the campaign “Donate Oxygen. Romania needs you." and it supports the Agent Green association to continue the campaigns for the protection or romanian forests.

2021: Prisum International becomes Prisum Healthcare 

After a presence of over 27 years in the Romanian pharmaceutical industry, Prisum International announces company name change to Prisum Healthcare.