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Haemocomplettan (Human fibrinogen) is a purified fibrinogen concentrate, which is an important protein for blood clotting.

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How Haemocomplettan works

Haemocomplettan is a purified concentrate of fibrinogen (coagulation factor I), which is a protein important for blood clotting. It is derived from human plasma (this is the liquid part of the blood).

Haemocomplettan is a powder for solution. The made up solution is to be given by injection or infusion into a vein.

What is Haemocomplettan used for

Haemocomplettan is used for treatment and prophylaxis of bleeding in patients with congenital hypo-, dys- or afibrinogenaemia, acquired hypofibrinogenaemia resulting from disorders of synthesis in cases of severe liver parenchyma damage, increased intravascular consumption e.g. as a result of disseminated intravascular coagulation, hyperfibrinolysis and increased blood loss.

The most important clinical pictures associated with a defibrination syndrome are bstetrical complications, acute leukaemia especially promyelocytic leukaemia, liver cirrhosis, intoxications, extensive injuries, haemolysis after transfusion errors, operative interventions, infections, sepsis, all forms of shock as well as tumours especially in the lung, pancreas, uterus and prostate.

What does Haemocomplettan contain

The active substance is human fibrinogen (1g/vial; after reconstitution with 50 ml of water for injection approx. 20 mg/ml).

The other ingredients are human albumin, sodium chloride, L-arginine hydrochloride, sodium citrate, sodium hydroxide (for pH adjustment).


Haemocomplettan is presented as a white powder. After reconstitution with water for injections the product should be clear or slightly opalescent, i.e. it might sparkle when held up to the light but must not contain any obvious particles.

1 vial of Haemocomplettan contains 1g human fibrinogen.

The pack contains:
- One vial with 1 g human fibrinogen
- Filter: Pall® Syringe Filter
- Dispensing pin: Mini-Spike® Dispensing Pin


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