Social Projects

We need forests for the oxygen ...

About one third of Romania's surface - 6.6 million hectares - is covered by forest, but 3 hectares of forest / hour are degraded!

Several NGOs have repeatedly called for the halting of illegal logging, the conservation of national parks and the protection of the last virgin forests.

We have a duty to protect the forests and to help those in charge of their conservation. For this reason I launched the campaign: Donate Oxygen. Romania needs you.

... and we have the duty to protect them

If you care, we can increase the percentage of protected area of Romania together.

Any person over the age of 18 who purchases one of the three HIMALAYA promotional packages from pharmacies and partner shops, helps the "Agent Green" association to continue the forest protection campaigns in Romania.

See the participating products or get involved by donating directly for the cause supported by Prisum Healthcare on the website of Agent Green.

To support the cause, there is a need for as many companies as possible to join the "Donate Oxygen" project. Suggest to your employer to join the campaign. Tell them about what we are aiming for and let's join forces to save the forests from Romania.


Caring for life is our core business philosophy.

Investing in good health goes beyond high quality products. It includes protecting the Earth, caring for the community, improving health and respecting life in all its forms.

The finest gesture one can make is to save lives by donating blood. Get involved now, donate blood and save lives!