CSL Behring Berinert

Berinert (Human esterase Inhibitor) is an on-demand treatment of acute hereditary angioedema (HAE) attacks.

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What is Berinert

Berinert is presented as powder and solvent. The made up solution is to be given by injection into a vein.

Berinert is made from human plasma (this is the liquid part of the blood). It contains the human protein C1-esterase inhibitor as active ingredient.

What is Berinert used for

Berinert is used for the treatment and pre-procedure prevention of the hereditary angioedema type I and II (HAE, oedema = swelling). HAE is a congenital disease of the vascular system. It is a non-allergic disease. HAE is caused by deficiency, absence or defective synthesis of C1-esterase inhibitor, an important protein. The illness is characterised by symptoms like swelling of the hands and feet that occurs suddenly, facial swelling with tension sensation that occurs suddenly, eyelid swelling, lip swelling, possibly laryngeal (voice-box) swelling with difficulty in breathing, tongue swelling or colic pain in abdominal region.

Generally, all parts of the body can be affected.

What does Berinert contain

The active substance is human C1-esterase inhibitor (1500 IU/vial; after reconstitution with 3 ml of water for injcetions 500 IU/ml).


Box with 1500 IU contains:
1 vial with powder (1500 IU)
1 vial with 3 ml water for injections
1 filter transfer device 20/20
Administration set (inner box):
1 disposable 5 ml syringe
1 venipuncture set
2 alcohol swabs
1 plaster


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