Code of Conduct

Prisum International Code of Conduct Handbook reflects the company’s policies, practices and values

Relativity applies to physics, not ethics.

Albert Einstein

This Code of Conduct Handbook (link to PDF file, 2.55 MB) is the standard of conduct for Prisum International that must be complied with by all of the company’s employees in order to prevent situations that may adversely affect the day-to-day business and/or the company’s image, but also so as our business partners and company members may be certain that Prisum complies with the highest standards of business conduct.

We believe that our passion in pursuing our goals, the inspiration we hope to have with the choices we make and the courage that defines us in taking on the responsibilities of each and every one of us - are the necessary ingredients for a healthy development that would comply with high standards of integrity with a positive impact on the employees, company and on the environment.

Each employee has a responsibility to read and understand this handbook and to operate on behalf of the company, in accordance with the values and practices contained therein. As a result, this document applies to all employees of Prisum. The principles of this Handbook are intended to help each employee understand their responsibilities and contribute to adopting the right actions and decisions. The right actions and decisions are based on complying with the current legislation, accountability and integrity.

The Prisum International Code of Conduct Handbook can be accessed here (PDF, 2.55 MB)

Prisum Code of Conduct