Prisum Healthcare has financed renovation works at the Emergency Hospital of Pașcani Municipality May 2021

Romania needs well-trained medical staff but also adequate treatment conditions for patients in need (hospitals within European standards, adequate hygiene and treatment conditions, medical equipment). Romania does not shine at any of these and, unfortunately, very little progress has really been made in the last thirty years. Civil society, represented by NGOs, has had some remarkable initiatives in this regard, trying to make up for the lack of actual and consistent actions of the authorities.

The Pediatrics Department of the Emergency Hospital of Pașcani Municipality was established in 1982 and it can accommodate and treat up to 1400 children annually, having a capacity of 35 beds, organized in 10 wards, 5 reserve rooms and 2 intensive care wards.

To date, the pediatric ward has been modernized 65% and the project continues so that the pediatric ward may receive, in modern conditions, as soon as possible, children aged between 0 and 17 years suffering from acute respiratory, digestive, and renal disorders.

The renovation works of the department consist in the installation of the carpentry, restoration of the finishes, replacement of the oxygen therapy equipment and change of the furniture, an investment made with the support of Prisum Healthcare, a company that contributed with 100,000 RON.

“This project was shaped by the desire to improve both the provision of specific medical care to hospitalized children and to ensure their comfort in our pediatric ward. Through this renovation, not only the children and their mothers benefit from very good conditions, but also the medical staff that may carry out their activity in a proper environment. The project will continue with the renovation and modernization of the diet kitchen and dining room.

We thank the sponsor for its support, but especially for believing as much as we did in this dream, that of bringing hope and light into the universe of children hospitalized in the pediatric ward of the Emergency Hospital of Pașcani Municipality.”, says Mrs. Pădurariu Aurelia, M.D., Medical Director of the Hospital of Pașcani Municipality.

”There is no greater joy than to do well, especially to children. We believe that only through the sustained effort of the authorities, private business environment and also our effort, can we live in a better world. We are all responsible for the things we leave behind.” - said Carmen Ivan, General Manager of Prisum Healthcare.

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