Prisum Healthcare celebrates 25 years of activity in the pharmaceutical industry in Romania June 2019

In 2019, Prisum Healthcare celebrated 25 years of activity on the Romanian pharmaceutical market.

To mark this special occasion, the company organized an anniversary event, to which were invited business partners, representatives of the medical world - doctors and pharmacists, as well as representatives of the authorities.

The event under the aegis of "Dedicated to Life. Naturally.” was held at the Face Convention Center. 

Ballet show

The well-known actress Oana Pellea was also present during the event, opening the series of guest-speakers with a speech on the theme "Goodness maintains our health". Watch the presentation

"The spiral in the Prisum Healthcare logo ... This is the most beautiful logo I have ever seen. And I think that each one of us is a spiral, each one of us can trigger a spiral of good thoughts, of kindness.

I wish you to take advantage of the time we have and cause this spiral of good. Don't miss any day, it would be such a pity... Happy 25 years!” concluded the actress Oana Pellea.

Oana Pellea, Actress, Social Activist

During the event, the representatives of the company spoke about the successes registered in the past with the products already established: CSL Behring, Himalaya, but also about the future, bringing to the public the new product ranges, Vitabiotics and Himalaya vet.

Carmen Ivan, the General Manager of Prisum Healthcare, presented the vision of the company, their desire to improve the quality of people’s lives. Watch the presentation

“25 years ago, in 1994, I had the courage, together with a partner, to establish the Prisum company. I remember very accurately the first import, the stack of boxes we imported, no less than 40,000 bottles. Our plan was to sell them in 6 months, but we managed to sell these products in just two months.

Since the company was set up - all our energy has been directed to doing good, to improving the quality of life of those around us, whether we are talking about products for human or veterinary use. We wanted to celebrate together the solid partnerships built over the 25 years of activity. The event enjoyed a remarkable presence of our business partners, customers or suppliers, as well as some very special guests." said Carmen Ivan, General Manager. 

Carmen Ivan, General Manager

The president of the association, Gabriel Păun, briefly presented the projects that Agent Green has in progress and their final goal, increasing the forest area of ​​Romania from 27% to at least 35%. Watch the presentation

“At Agent Green we try to make sure each of us can breathe this fresh air every day, but unfortunately, the current situation is not the happiest. Right now there are more illegally than legally cut trees. About 1% of Romania's forest area, only this much has remained untouched. To protect and offer some solutions, we have several projects in progress.

Among them, we installed a pilot project, two years ago, at the beginning of June, the first phones in the trees, in two forests where we should never hear the mower, the rifle or any other machinery. You can even hear the living creatures there. We receive alerts if something happens in the forest and a dedicated local ranger immediately goes to the intervention with the forest guard.” said Gabriel Păun, President of Agent Green. 

Gabriel Paun, Agent Green

Ionela Nicolau, Commercial Director of Prisum Healthcare, ends the guests series, thanking to all the partners and collaborators of the company, with whom Prisum Healthcare has developed in its 25 years of existence. Watch the presentation

“I am part of a generation educated in a high competitiveness spirit. It was important for us to be the first in our classroom, to enter a very good high school, so that we could, in the end, enter a college with very many candidates on one place.

Paradoxically, this generation grew up sharing everything. Sweets, money received for waiting in line, the food in the house, clothes. It is the generation whose children played together, even though our parents were teachers, engineers, doctors or workers. 

Aside from competitiveness, which is good to some extent, this generation knows something much more beneficial: the value of partnership, collaboration, cooperation. Together we have built in Romania a competitive business environment, learning from others better than us or putting our creativity to work.” concluded Ionela Nicolau. 

Ionela Nicolau, Commercial Manager

Prisum Healthcare, importer and distributor of CSL Behring, Himalaya Drug Company and Vitabiotics products, is today number 7 in the market for food supplements in Romania1 but also a major supplier of  life-saving human plasma products2.

Liv.52 is the most important product in the Himalaya product portfolio, number 1 in Romania in the category of hepatoprotective food supplements 3, as Rhophylac is number 1 in the category of products it belongs to, and human albumin CSL Behring is number 2 4. Also, the company Prisum Healthcare distributes the range of Himalayan cosmetics as well as the range of Himalayan products for veterinary use.

Prisum Healthcare joins Agent Green in the project "Donate Oxygen". Thus, for each promotional package sold, Prisum Healthcare donates 1 leu to protect the forests in Romania.

Presentation Oana Pellea,
Actress, Social Activist

Presentation Carmen Ivan,
General Manager Prisum Healthcare

Presentation Gabriel Păun,
President Agent Green

Presentation Ionela Nicolau,
Commercial Director Prisum Healthcare


1according to Cegedim data, March 2019, value
Rhophylac (anti-D immunoglobulin), Human Albumin, Berinert (human esterase inhibitor), Haemocomplettan (human fibrinogen), Haemate (clotting factor)
according to Cegedim, MAT March 2019
according to Cegedim, 2018