CSL Behring Alburex

Alburex is a plasma substitute.

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How Alburex works 

Human albumin stabilizes the volume of circulation. Albumin carries hormones, enzymes, drugs and toxins. Alburex albumin protein is isolated from human plasma. As a result, albumin acts exactly as if it were a protein product of its own body.

What is Alburex used for

Alburex is used for restauration and maintenance of circulating blood volume in cases of volume deficiency where the use of a colloid is indicated.

The choice of albumin rather than the artificial colloid will depend on the clinical situation of the individual patient, based on official recommendations.

What does Alburex contain

The active substance is human albumin.

Alburex is a solution containing 200 g / l total human plasma protein of which at least 96% of the protein is human albumin.

One 50 ml vial contains 10 g human albumin.

One 100 ml vial contains 20 g human albumin.


1 vial per pack (10 g / 50 ml, 20 g / 100 ml).


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