CSL Behring Haemate P

Haemate P is indicated for prophylaxis and treatment of bleeding or bleeding following surgery.

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How Haemate P works

Haemate P is presented as powder and solvent. The made up solution is to be given by injection or infusion into a vein.

What is Haemate P used for

Von Willebrand disease (VWD): Haemate P is used for the prevention and treatment of bleedings or surgical bleeding caused by the lack of von Willebrand factor, when desmopressin (DDAVP) treatment alone is ineffective or contra-indicated.

Haemophilia A (congenital factor VIII deficiency): Haemate P is used to prevent or to stop bleedings caused by the lack of factor VIII in the blood.

It may also be used in the management of acquired factor VIII deficiency and for treatment of patients with antibodies against factor VIII.

What does Haemate P contain

The active substance is human von Willebrand factor and human coagulation factor VIII.


Pack with 500 IU FVIII / 1200 IU VWF containing:

1 vial with powder

1 vial with 10 ml water for injections

1 filter transfer device 20/20

Administration set (inner box):

- 1 disposable 10 ml syringe

- 1 venipuncture set

- 2 alcohol swabs

- 1 non-sterile plaster>


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