Himalaya Nefrotec Vet Liquid

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Himalaya Nefrotec Vet Liquid is a supplement recommended for the prevention and control of gout.

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Recommended for poultry


Target species: poultry

Gout is found in poultry from the embryonic stage to adulthood, with an average prevalence of up to 30%.

Nefrotec Vet Liquid is recommended for gout, ascites and urinary tract infections.

Nefrotec Vet acts to prevent and control gout as follows: it disintegrates uric acid crystals deposited on the internal organs and prevents the subsequent deposits of crystals by litholytic action.

Nefrotec Vet has a diuretic role, eliminating both uric acid from the body and excess water associated with ascites and improves kidney functions.

Crataeva magna (Varuna) extract is useful in treating diseases of the urinary tract. It promotes the removal of uric acid crystals from the urinary tract.

Boerhaavia diffusa is a plant with a strong anti-inflammatory effect.

Tribulus terrestris (Gokshura) supports the body's natural ability to balance crystalloids and colloids. Also, its active substances have antibacterial, antioxidant and diuretic action.


Nefrotec Vet Liquid: can of 5l.

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Recommended for poultry