Himalaya HimTox Powder

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Himalaya HimTox Powder is a supplement recommended for the natural absorption of mycotoxins.

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Recommended for bovines
Recommended for swines
Recommended for poultry


Target species: poultry, swine.

Himalaya HimTox has an essential role in neutralizing the side effects of mycotoxins. It supports detoxification processes, protecting and regenerating liver tissue and acts as an adjuvant in intestinal diseases.

HimTox contains hydrated sodium calcium aluminosilicate (HSCAS) whose role is to bind toxins at the digestive system level. This results in a decrease in the number of toxins that can be absorbed by the blood.

The organic acids in the composition of the product inhibit the growth of fungi in food and improve food palatability.

HimTox also contains Mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS) which have a role in controlling the digestive tract's pathogenic flora, preserving the typical architecture of intestinal villosity and immunity. MOS can capture several types of mycotoxins, especially zearalenone.

Activated charcoal (AC) absorbs a wide range of toxins and pesticide residues from food.

Andrographis paniculata has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, increases the viability of hepatocytes and decreases liver damage by toxic substances.

Himalaya HimTox is a safe product eliminated from the body and does not react with nutrients in poultry feed.


HimTox Powder: 20 kg bag.

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Recommended for bovines
Recommended for swines
Recommended for poultry

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