Himalaya HimRop Vet Liquid

Healthy Reproductive System

Himalaya HimRop Vet Lichid is a supplement that prevents postpartum uterine infections.

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Recommended for bovines
Recommended for swines


Target species: cattle, sheep, goats, pigs.

Himalaya HimRop Vet promotes complete expulsion of the placenta after calving. It prevents postpartum uterine infections such as pyometra and metritis.

It facilitates healthy conception, eliminates pathological uterine secretions and stimulates uterine involution.

HimRop Vet is recommended for uterine toning, placental retention (ROP), uterine infections, delayed uterine involution and dystocic calving

The seeds of Moringa pterygosperma (Shigru) from HimRop Vet have an antibacterial and antiviral role. These properties justify the use of the product as ecbolic, as it helps maintain uterine function.

Gloriosa superba (Kalihari) is known to stimulate the myometrium and promote the elimination of pathological uterine secretions.


HimRop Vet Liquid: vial of 1l.

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Recommended for bovines
Recommended for swines