Himalaya Appetonic Forte Vet Powder

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Himalaya Appetonic Forte Vet Powder is a supplement recommended for the stimulation of appetite.

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Recommended for bovines
Recommended for swines


Target species: cattle, sheep, goats, pigs.

Himalayan Appetonic Forte Vet improves appetite, digestion and facilitates the development of the rumen microbial population. It restores rumen motility and normalizes rumen pH.

Appetonic Forte Vet is indicated for rumen pH disorder, impaired rumen motility, rumen stasis and indigestion by overload, hyposecretory dyspepsia, flatulence and anorexia.

Appetonic Forte Vet contains Triphala, a formula made of extracts of Terminalia chebula, Terminalia belerica and Emblica officinalis. It stimulates digestion, intestinal motility, but also promotes the elimination of gas. It has a mild antacid and laxative effect.

The content of Embelia ribes has astringent, carminative and antibacterial properties. It improves digestion and is useful in dyspepsia and flatulence.

Zinziber officinale (Ginger) is useful in gastrointestinal disorders, being an effective tonic and carminative. It controls dyspepsia, flatulence and indigestion.


Appetonic Forte Vet Powder: 15 g powder/sachet, 20 sachets/box.

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Recommended for bovines
Recommended for swines

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