HiOra kits, newly launched in Romania June 2020

Himalaya HiOra kits, a complete range of herbal oral care products was recently launched on the Romanian market to help Romanian people with gum ailments or sensitive teeth,given the fact that 81% of the population suffers from such conditions.

HiOra-K Sensi-Kit includes HiOra-K toothpaste and HiOra-K mouthwash, both products belonging to Ayurvedic medicine and designed for reducing sensitive-tooth pain due to their content of herbomineral ingredients that help soothe sensitive teeth and strengthen gum tissue.

Gum disease is a very common condition, 8 out of 10 people over 35 years old in Romania suffer from this condition, gingivitis is ranking sixth among the most common oral conditions.

Gum disease does not lead to pain or intense discomfort. Most common symptom are gums that bleed easily, especially after brushing. Not taken seriously, gingivitis can lead to tooth loss therefore impacting the whole body.

HiOra Gum-Kit includes HiOra toothpaste and HiOra-GA astringent gel that help reduce gum inflammation, gingivitis and prevent dental calculus formation.