June 2020 Dr. Gerald Flintoacă-Filip has been appointed a member of the board of Food Supplements Europe, making him the first Romanian on the Food Supplements Europe board

Prisum International, an importer and distributor of CSL Behring products, Himalaya Drug Company (products for human use and products for veterinary use) and Vitabiotics, announces the election of Mr. Gerald Flintoacă-Filip, at present Quality and Regulatory Affairs Manager of the company Prisum and General Secretary of the Romanian Business Owners Association in Food Supplements Industry (PRISA) with the Board of Directors of Food Supplements Europe.

Food Supplements Europe is a non-profit organization set up to represent and promote the role of the food supplement industry in the lives of consumers, ensuring that the information provided is honest, substantiated, and that it complies with applicable law. The members of the organization are national associations and companies from the territory of the European Union, which have recently met to elect two of the six members of the Board of Directors.

The Romanian Business Owners Association in Food Supplements Industry (PRISA) represents the interests of this industry at European level. It promotes the importance and beneficial aspects of food supplements, as well as the regulation of good practices in the labeling and advertising of supplements.

The two institutions aim to ensure the creation of an appropriate and balanced legislative framework for the marketing of food supplements at European and global level.

In a press release, Dr. Gerald Flintoacă-Filip stated: "It is a privilege to work with my colleagues from PRISA, the most important association in the field of food supplements in Romania which promotes good practices in the production and commercial communication of supplements. As a new member of the Board of Directors of Food Supplements Europe, I want to help improve consumer information and education and contribute to a better communication with the Romanian authorities and health professionals".